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> RREESS [cds] > gagarin - son of the earth    
rreess_gagarin_son_of_the_earth_cover cd [digipack]

12 titel
spielzeit: 44:21 sp8-003
label: sp8kauf
vö: 2011
> tracklist

01. vostok
02. the flight plan
03. blue orange sunset
04. solo
05. son of the earth
06. black sky horses
07. galina will be sleeping
08. even here even now
09. sunrise across ocean
10. star city
11. tumbling over africa
12. red skies
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A soundtrack concept album based on Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's space flight which took place on the 12th April 1961.
Gagarin was the first human being to enter space.  He flew once around our blue planet and returned back home safely.
They called him "Son Of The Earth".
This extraordinary soundtrack album takes the journey with mankind's first space traveler, and is imagined from Gagarin's own subjective point of view.
Rreess's film score-like instrumental music explores, using electronics, classical piano, audio loops, old gramophone samples,  and soundscapes,
Gagarin's personal experiences, feelings, thoughts and perhaps hallucinations during his rapid single orbit of the planet.
The sounds of his breathing or perhaps his pulsing heart beat mix with the sounds from within the small cockpit of the rocket ship and are blended with themes and atmospheres of the vastness of space hurtling outside his window, his exhilarating flight and memories of home.

Press Reviews:
"...This album is incredible and a wonderful testament to the first man in space. A touch of class!.."

"... if you like dreamy landscapes... a more tuneful and melodic Tim Hecker! Amazing..."

"... feel like I know Gagarin and the emotions he went through on that first mission. Musically brilliant and very clever production makes this quite unique..." [read review in itunes]

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