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> RREESS [cds] > gagarin - returns    
rreess_gagarin_returns_cover cd [digipack]

12 titel
spielzeit: 52:21 sp8-004
label: sp8kauf
vö: 2012
> tracklist

01. sunrise
02. sons of earth
03. the plan
04. red sky
05. across africa
06. sunset
07. even here
08. solo hero
09. galina
10. in star city
11. metal horses
12. rocket vostok
10,- €
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Rreess teams up with Neil Simpson to release their beautiful and powerful album 'Gagarin Returns'. Massive beats mix with piano melodies and inventive atmospheres that stir, lift and move you, sometimes gently, sometimes blasting you into space.
Rreess's filmscore-like instrumental music explores, using electronics, classical piano themes, audio loop patterns, and evocative soundscapes, the personal experiences of Gagarin: his feelings, thoughts and even hallucinations during his rapid single orbit of the planet. Fired up beats mix with chilled piano melodies and inventive atmospheres that stir, lift and move you, sometimes gently floating, sometimes racing you high into space.

Press Reviews:

Rreess - Gagarin - Returns
"...pleasing all lovers of classic ChillOut, Downtempo, Balearic and Lounge music...cinematic qualities to it. Huge production, strings, intimate and sensual piano parts..." [read review]

[das gothic forum]
Gagarin - Returns. Das neue Album von Electronic Wizzard Rreess

"...Gagarin - Returns" ist ein weiterer Ausflug in die Weiten der elektronischen Musik ohne stilistische Fußfesseln..." [read review]

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