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rreess_screens_cover cd [jewelcase]

10 titel
spielzeit: 39:50
4 seiten booklet sp8-001
label: sp8kauf
vö: 05.07.2013
> tracklist

01. silver
02. run
03. sun
04. brighter
05. true
06. high
07. lost
08. too late
09. dreams
10. breathe
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"Screens", is a collaboration with English songwriter-composer Nick Payne.The songs are personal and inspired by dreams and relationship collisions. Lyrics combining personal hardship, love and pain with dream images, sequences and non narrative montage. The sound of the music reflects the 1980's British guitar bands like New Order, distorted pianos and synths of Depeche Mode and some Duran Duran pop shine. The scale and production are film soundtrack in depth with unusual drum machine programming textures and 80s synthesizers like Jupiter 8 & JX3p. Ghost like multi-harmonies on Rreess's rich and dark melodic vocals. The album was produced by legendary producer Ken Thomas who is known for his atmospheric work with Sigur Ros, The Cocteau Twins, M83 & currently Moby.

Press Reviews:

[Reverbxl] / Rob Adamson:
...its a great piece of work and a well crafted Record, Good Songs..."

[XLrecordings] / Matthew Thornhill:
“...really impressive,there's a definite Manchester influence here, there are hints of Doves, hints of Stone Roses, and it wouldn't have sounded out of place on Factory Records,the songwriting is really strong....”

[Glampop] / Ben Leeves:
"’s a gourgeous mix of melody, harmony and riffs for you to get lost in...a must have in any GlamPop collection..."

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