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special offer: buy cd 'tempelhof' & get a free download of the digitally remastered version of the album [mp3] + artwork!
cd [jewelcase]
original release
analog tape mastered

10 titel
spielzeit: 44:45
4 seiten booklet sp8-002
label: sp8kauf
vö: 13.12.2013
> tracklist

01. tonight
02. king for today
03. don't come alone
04. the blade in her hand
05. barricades
06. where lovers all still go
07. free to love
08. devil's in the room
09. valentine of blood
10. wings
10,- €
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"Tempelhof" is a concept album which makes an electronic journey into the imposing atmosphere of Berlin's famous airport Tempelhof, blended with lyrics that trace the characters of David Lynch's classic "Blue Velvet". Set your imagination to 1987 cold war Berlin.
The music uses many mid 1980's signature FM synthesizers (DX7, DX21, PSS50 and Linn, MR10 drum machines) mastered by Jens Ruele at UFO Studios Berlin onto BASF tape.

Press Reviews:

[TIP berlin]
"Hörenswert" [Tip Berlin Magazin, Ulike Rechel]
"...retro-keyboard sounds the "New Wave" era – a cool, icy exterior shell for the soft, vocoder filtered centre of the Brit's vocals. The mild harmonies flow hypnotically like Eno's Ambient tracks: RREESS's excursions into longing, wings and barriers lends a dreamy fantasy-like effect."

[Radio Eins]
LIVE interview with Anja Caspary:
"...wonderful electronic music...straight off, the first song "Tonight" deserves to be praised..."

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